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Avoiding Spam Triggers: Keywords to Exclude in Email Marketing

Posted on 8 May 2024
Avoiding Spam Triggers: Keywords to Exclude in Email Marketing

Do Your Emails Actually Get to Your Customers?

The foundation of any company's digital marketing strategy is email marketing campaigns. These campaigns require a substantial investment of time, money, and resources, so it can be upsetting and seem like a total loss of time and effort when the intended recipient does not receive the email.

Bulk email campaigns are filtered and frequently end up blocked or sent straight to the spam bin after passing through a filter. The worst thing is that you could not even be aware of your mistakes.

Why Are Emails Blocked?

Email addresses that are private

Due to the limited number of emails you can send at once, emails from private addresses are frequently prohibited. This kind of email marketing usually sends all of your emails at once, which may cause them to be blocked or land in the spam folder of your target audience.

Unverified Websites

Emails sent from unauthenticated domains are another frequent cause of email blocking or direct delivery to the spam bin. Email servers utilize email authentication as a way to identify spam emails. This entails determining if the email server that is sending the message is authorized to deliver mail on that domain name.

Subject Lines

All email programs classify some words as spam. Built-in filters in these programs—from Gmail to Outlook—scan incoming emails to decide whether to put them in the inbox or the spam bin. These filters pay close attention to the words you choose for your subject line; the difference might be whether your message reaches your customers or ends up in the spam folder. See below for words to avoid in your subject lines. 

  • Hidden

  • Stop or Stops

  • #1

  • 100% free

  • 50% off

  • Additional income

  • Amazing

  • Be your own boss

  • Best Price

  • Call now!

  • Cash Bonus

  • Collect

  • Consolidate debt

  • Credit

  • Discount!

  • Earn extra cash

  • Eliminate bad credit

  • Expect to earn

  • Fast Cash

  • Financial freedom

  • Free gift

  • Full refund

  • Get out of debt

  • Get paid

  • Giveaway

  • Great

  • Guaranteed

  • Increase sales

  • Limited time

  • Loans

  • Lose Weight

  • Lowest price

  • Million dollars

  • Miracle

  • Money back

  • Multi-level Marketing

  • No cost

  • Now

  • Opportunity

  • Pennies a day

  • Prize

  • Promise

  • Risk-free

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Save big money

  • Subscribe

  • You're a winner!

Certain words are hard to avoid because they are often used in business contexts. In these situations, it's better to use synonyms or use them sparingly—just once per email. For instance, substitute "complimentary" for "free".   Avoid using a lot of capital letters, dollar signs, various fonts, colours, and links in your campaign to lessen the likelihood that spam filters will ban it.

Five Ways to Avoid Putting Emails in Spam Folders

Maintain a Clean Database

Service providers depend their assessment of the quality of your emails largely on the information in your recipient database. Your reputation is impacted by your email open rate. The greater the likelihood that your email will be flagged as spam, the worse your reputation. By eliminating inactive contacts and keeping an eye on email engagement, you may tidy up your email campaign database.

Provide a Subscriber Email Verification Step

Maintaining a clean database and good open rates for your email subscription can be achieved by including a verification or opt-in stage. This eliminates contacts who don't check their inbox or who use fictitious email addresses. To set up opt-in verification emails, use an email service provider such as Bloomtools.

Keep the Law in Mind

Respect Canadian laws and guidelines when it comes to email campaigns. These include getting recipients' consent, identifying oneself as the sender, providing contact details, and making it simple for recipients to unsubscribe. There may be harsh penalties for noncompliance.

Make Emails More Interesting

Increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your emails by making copy improvements, including visually appealing content, and incorporating compelling calls to action. You may include graphics, auto-personalization, and direct links to your website in emails by using the Bloomtools email editor.

Assess and Reassess

Every email campaign ought to produce a report on click-through rates, bounces, and opens. Review your email campaign reports to determine what is effective and ineffective for future email marketing campaigns.

Database Marketing Tools to Increase Opens

Utilizing database marketing solutions makes sure that your email marketing initiatives are successful. Email coding and key spam terms are checked using tools like Bloomtools' built-in spam measuring tool. Personalized emails that speak to the recipient personally, as opposed to in a salesy manner, are also beneficial.

Enhancing your email deliverability and return on investment can be accomplished by investing in high-quamanner,il marketing and a database marketing solution such as Bloomtools. For every $1 invested in email marketing, $42 is typically returned.

Don't pass up the opportunity to reach your clients. You may find out more about Bloomtools Database Marketing tool on our website if you aren't already using a business-grade email/database marketing solution. Reach out to us at 905.447.0257 or book a consultation to help you create high-quality email campaigns to grow your business.

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