6 Steps to Spring Clean your Website!

Posted on 10 May 2021
6 Steps to Spring Clean your Website!

Spring Cleaning isn't just for your house! Spring is a great time to take a look through your website and ensure it is performing the way you designed it to. 

Below are 6 steps you can take to ensure your website is performing at it's best: 

  1. Get started with a fresh proof reading! It gives you the chance to take an overall look at your website to see how up-to-date your information is. Double check for any spelling mistakes or errors you may have missed. 
  2. This is also a great time to ensure that your contact information is updated and correct. It's imperative that website visitors are able to reach you after all.
  3. Check all links; nothing is more frustrating on a website than broken links!  It makes your website look like its outdated. Are all the links working on your website? 
  4. Next you can go ahead and add fresh content and remove any outdated content from your website. Content helps with SEO, brings more organic leads into your website and gives website visitors a reason to stop and see what your website is about. Blogging can also help add regular fresh content to your website. 
  5. While you are adding content, it's a great time to look through the images you have on your website. Do you have any new fresh gallery images? Any recent projects to highlight? New products? It's important to keep your images up-to-date too.
  6. Finally, ensure that you view your website on your mobile phone. Creating a website that is mobile friendly is more important than ever before, and so if you haven't checked your site's mobile layout and performance recently, it's time to do so. According to a recent report from Statista, in Canada nearly 50% of all website traffic is coming from mobile/tablets. This means that a lot of searches are coming from mobile devices.

By completing the above steps you've ensured that your website functions correctly and that it is easy to navigate for your clients, or potential clients. While looking through your website you may realize that it's outdated and you are looking for a new website. Give us a call at 905.447.0257 and we can help you with a new responsive Bloomtools website!  




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Spring 2021

Posted on 5 April 2021
Spring 2021

Spring has arrived! We hope everyone has been staying healthy over the winter. Here at Bloomtools Durham we've been keeping busy finishing projects and launching new websites. With everything that has occurred over the last year with Covid and the pandemic, it's really brought to light how important it is to have a strong online presence. A successful website provides your business with visibility, allowing customers to find you online. Although it's important to have a social media presence, if clients are unable to reach you there a website provides them contact information, pricing, and more details!

Take a look of some of our latest website launches featuring local companies promoting their services online:

Canadian National Demolition (CND)


Canadian National Demolition (CND)

Canadian National Demolition (CND) is a privately owned company that provides decommissioning, demolition, asset recovery and environmental services to both private and public sectors. CND provides technical expertise and experience, coupled with modern equipment fleet and network of resources to ensure a tradition of safety, service and excellence.

This website features: Bloomtools website design, Project Gallery and Blog Tool.  Click on the image to check out their site! 





Stevens Concrete Lifting

Stevens Concrete Lifting is a concrete Lifting & Stabilization company specializing in residential concrete repair (such as for patios, walkways, or pool decks), and other specialty applications in the residential, commercial, agricultural and government sectors. Don't settle for outdated methods of repair such as concrete replacement or mudjacking. Use the Quicker, Cost-Effective, Precise method of polyurethane Concrete Lifting.

This website features: Bloomtools website design, Animated Header Tool, FAQ Tool, Customer Testimonial Tool and Custom Form Builder Tool.  Click on the image to check out their site.





Beer Branded

We worked with Beer Branded to create a custom designed website featuring all their print products and design services, geared towards the craft brewery market. Beer Branded helps start-up breweries with branding and assists with initial planning of supplies of printed items like keg collars, beer labels, and growler tags. Beer Branded also works with the marketing team in established breweries to support special events, beer releases, sales initiatives and more! Click on the image to check out their site live! 





BizMetrics Inc.

BizMetrics Inc. is a marketing and consulting firm founded by Stephan Orlob and headquartered in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). BizMetrics is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs realize their potential as well as identify and implement actionable business growth strategies.

This website features: Bloomtools website design, E-commerce platform, Database Marketing System with Member Login Tool and The Blog Tool.  Click on the image to check out their site.




Advantech Supply Chain

Advantech Supply chain/Advantech logistics is committed to providing exceptional warehousing and freight services with over 20 years of experience. They bring the precision required to store, manage, and transport your goods. Whether it's food products, temperature controlled products, dry goods or more you can always count on Advantech to deliver.

This website features:  Bloomtools website design, Blog Tool, Gallery Tool and Custom Forms Tool. Click on the image to check out their site. 




As you can see, we have been keeping busy! We are currently working on launching several new websites this spring. Here at Bloomtools Durham we are dedicated to helping business in the Durham Region increase their web presence. If you are interested in more information give us a call to book a consulation 905.447.0257!

Bloomtools Durham




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Logo Design & Branding

Posted on 11 January 2021

At Bloomtools Durham we have been expanding our involvement in many branding projects. Building solid branding has the ability to increase your company's growth significantly. This month we want to highlight latest designs we have been working on!

Prior to the start of a new website design, we work with our clients to ensure that their branding is established. This includes reviewing clients' logo, colour scheme and fonts. Logo and brand design are the outward facing visual representations of your business and they symbolize your marketing efforts! We need to ensure that we are supporting the branding and that all marketing is unified between website, printed materials, social platforms and any other area that highlights your business.

Check out some of our latest Logo & Branding Projects below.


Oakdale Consulting 

Sean Stewart Mortgage Broker






Beer Branded



We hope that these logo and branding examples have inspired you! To book your Logo & Branding Consultation call Bloomtools Durham at 905.447.0257!



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