Year One Website Results: Tenn Tek

Posted on 9 September 2017
Year One Website Results: Tenn Tek

It's been a year since we launched the new and improved Tenn Tek website so we thought we would share their experiences and results with you!

Tenn Tek is an independent dealer of office products: Konica Minolta, Sharp, OKI DATA and DESTROYIT Paper Shredders, serving the Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. The purpose of their new website was to inform customers on the product lines they carry, giving them enough information to contact Tenn Tek.

The new website has provided Tenn Tek with these results:

  • Over 3,000 Sessions and 1,900 users on the website
  • 6,500 Page views lasting on average 2 minutes
  • Enough leads to pay off the website within the first 6 months of going live
  • On average 2 leads a month coming from the website

Along with the amazing results Tenn Tek is getting, their customers benefit from the new website with these features:

  • customers can now place supply orders online
  • download print drivers and get support
  • send inquiries on the latest office equipment.

Some of the other benefits Tenn Tek has enjoyed include:

  • Catalog Tool for keeping their products up to date
  • Blog Tool for posting the latest news 
  • Google Analytics for tracking their website results on a monthly basis


 Old Website                                                                                                                      



 New Website




Now a word from our happy customer

Tenn Tek is pleased with the overall design, look and ease of use in updating the product catalogue.  Working with Chris and his knowledgeable team made the design and transmission from our old website to the new one seamless.
I think overall we achieved the goals we set out to accomplish, we also find very useful the Google Analytics which makes it useful to monitor the traffic to the website.
It is also important to note that we received six new leads generated from the new website and closed two deals within the first two months of having the new website.

Peter Ramsaran


If you are a business in Durham Region or the GTA looking for a new office machine, contact Peter and his team at Tenn Tek today!


Are you a business with a product line you want to promote online? Contact the team at Bloomtools Durham!

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Website Launch for Durham Networking Association

Posted on 24 August 2017
Website Launch for Durham Networking Association

Networking in Durham through the Durham Networking Association 

Bloomtools Durham is excited to launch the brand new website of the Durham Networking Association.  

The Durham Networking Association (DNA) was founded in 2007 as an alternative to the high pressure networking groups that want head tables, attendance reports with regular referral slips and mandatory weekly meeting rules.

The focus of the group is about business and community. We each represent a specific business category and meet twice per month, over lunch. No pressure for weekly referrals, filling guest quotas or paying fines. The group is about getting to know each other, doing business and referrals naturally follows. We are proud to say that many of the original Members are still Members today. Durham Networking is owned by its Members and we are not for profit. The Executive is formed to handle the business of DNA in the community.

We're all about relationships, long term. If your business is looking to join a group like this please contact us and come out to one of our events.

Bloomtools Durham has been a member of the Durham Networking Association since November 2016. We are very excited about launching this new website and being able to promote the DNA and its members online.

The website, , features:

1. Member Directory where you can learn about each one of the members;

2. Member Profiles with each members information in detail;

3. Custom Contact Forms where you can contact each member individually for their services;

4. Information on our Networking events; and

5. Become a Member section highlighting all the open member categories.

To learn more about the Durham Networking Association and Bloomtools Durham contact us today!  


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Hospitality Furnishings Website Launch

Posted on 11 August 2017
Hospitality Furnishings Website Launch

Bloomtools Durham is thrilled to announce the launch of Hospitality Furnishings new Website!


Hospitality Furnishings had its beginnings in 1994 serving the North American healthcare, hospitality, and commercial furniture markets. Based in Oshawa, Ontario, they are thrilled to present an expansive hospitality furnishing lines available in a wide variety of styles that will ensure the comfort of your guests while creating a memorable atmosphere to enhance their experience. To learn more about Hospitality Furnishings go to the website at Also, if you are looking to furnish your facility book an appointment today!

The new website now features a custom catalog with over 2,500 furnishing products, calls to action for; request a designer, request a quote and book a consult. The website also includes information on their latest projects, featuring new products and much more! To learn how your company can get a fresh new website design and feature your products in a catalog contact Bloomtools Durham today!



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