From Opportunity to Customer: Bloomtools Durham's Customer Relationship Manager Software

How does your business currently manage their leads and sales? Studies show that a business can significantly increase their revenue by managing their leads and sales through one simple tool - a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

More often than not, CRM software are too expensive and complicated for some small and medium sized businesses. The result? The inability to maximize the results of their sales process.

Bloomtools Durham is passionate about providing small and medium size businesses with complete business solutions. The Bloomtools Durham CRM integrates with all of our tools, allowing you to manage your business from one simple login. 

Customer Relationship Management

Create a database of leads that come into your business from a simple online system. Rate your leads (hot, warm, cold) and set priorities for when you need to contact them. Track what stage of the sales process you are in; make contact, setup meeting, proposal, demo etc., and see a report on the stages of all your sales cycles.

Archive your documents in the CRM, upload and store quotes, invoices or any other documentation for that particular lead. This will increase the efficiency, accountability and accuracy of your sales cycles and will help you if you ever have to refer back to documentation at a later date.

Close the sale and save time by setting activities for each lead, such as scheduled phone calls, follow up dates, meeting reminders and auto-responder emails.

Lead Management

Track your leads and implement a sales process with the Bloomtools Lead Management System.

Now you can keep all the information relating to a lead in one spot where everyone has access to view it in your organization.  The information you can store includes; the stage the lead is in, the notes and tasks being performed for the lead or even just the lead's contact details.

Further to this you can;

  • Allocate leads to team members automatically or manually
  • Create tasks against each lead and assign to members of your team
  • Store notes against leads
  • Create appointments that are stored with the lead and synced with your Google Apps Account
  • Customise the lead process to work for your business

Activity Management

Create and manage all your activities and leads through one central toolbox.


Manage your time

Better manage your tasks and calendar by creating entries that directly relate to the contact or lead you are working on. Share tasks and meetings with your team no matter where they are working

Goggle G Suite & CRM

Bloomtools works seamlessly with Google Apps, making it easy to collaborate and share. Whether it's your calendar or storing a copy of your emails to clients, Bloomtools and Google are tightly linked.

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