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3 Ways to Improve Communcation for 2020

Posted on 19 January 2020
3 Ways to Improve Communcation for 2020

Happy New Year!  We are now well into the first month of 2020 and hopefully having celebrated your previous years' achievements and reflecting on areas that you can improve this year.  While evaluating it's important to consider your clients and how engaged you are with them. Clients are the backbone of business and it's essential to communicate effectively with them.

Bloomtools Durham provides Database Marketing; the most cost effective marketing for small and medium sized business.  With Database Marketing you are able to connect with your clients on an on-going basis, as well as promote to new clients. Effective online management leads to better engagement and brand awareness can lead to more sales. To improve communication for 2020 we suggest taking advantage of three main features of Bloomtools Durham Database Marketing offers: Contact Management, Online Surveys, and Email Marketing. 

With the contact management feature you can input all your contact information in one place. You'll never lose customers phone numbers or email addresses again. From here it is simple to create groups and to target email marketing campaigns.

The online surveys feature is a convenient way to obtain feedback from customers, members and/or staff! You are able to easily create surveys to collect data to improve your business practices for 2020. 

Email Marketing allows you to send personalized email marketing campaigns to your database easily. There are simple drag and drop templates that are easy to edit and send out. After the campaign is sent out you are able to track your results. 

The video below shows how you can increase your reviews with Bloomtools Durham Database Marketing. Contact us if you'd like to improve your communication with your clients and implement the Database Marketing system! 

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